Stuck in a job or career you hate? You’re not alone. Studies show that over 75% of Americans are dissatisfied with work. If you’re like most people, you want to change the kind of work you do but don’t know how to get started.

Julie Jansen’s book can put you on the path to more satisfying work, even in today’s tight job market.

Offers career self-assessments and personality exercises to:

  1. Help you assess your present job or career.

  2. Discover the type of work you’re best suited for.

  3. Make change happen.

This book also includes:

  1. Real-life examples

  2. Action plans

  3. Practical job-hunting tips

  4. Useful resource guide


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A Step–By–Step Guide to Finding Gratifying Work
by Julie Jansen
Second edition, revised and updated
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I Don't Know What I Want,
But I Know It's Not This

"Within three weeks of completing this book, I am now employed in my dream job… As part of my severance package, I worked with a world-famous outplacement firm. This book was so responsible for my successful career change that I strongly advised the outplacement firm to make Julie’s book mandatory reading for all new clients!"

— Five-star review

"I recently picked up a copy of Julie Jansen’s I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It’s Not This and couldn’t put it down… This book is destined to become a classic in the career section of every resource library."

— Five-star review

"A must-read for anyone who is feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled or unhappy with their current work."

— Paul Tieger

Author of

Do What You Are

"I am reading I Don't Know What I Want But I Know It's Not This right now and I just want to say that you are an excellent writer and career coach. Your book is practical and easy to read. I will highly recommend it to my friends."

— Ola Bailon

Teleperformance Philippines

I Don’t Know What I Want,
But I Know It’s Not This
Paperback edition
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com
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I Don’t Know What I Want,
But I Know It’s Not This
Kindle edition, also readable on iPhone & iPad
Amazon Kindle edition
I Don’t Know What I Want,
But I Know It’s Not This
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